…clarifiers…unique areas of judgment…

Yesterday’s blog post about “accuracy or interpretation” was the first of a series of blog posts on clarifiers.

Situations prompt us to step into the unknown when our judgment is clouded.  By attempting to clarify how the “unknown” appears to us, we get a better handle on what, for us, makes sense right now.  With judgment clarification, there is no perfect answer.  There is only a vague feeling around the various factors which have our attention.  Implicitly, our judgment of the  situation is stressed and rather than fly blind, our performance improves if we try to better  understand “where we are coming from.” 

Judgment clarification focuses on identifiable oppositions, where some aspect of judgment falls outside our awareness.  As one steps into the unknown where feelings are indefinite and unclear, bringing focused attention through direct questioning can create greater awareness and clarity. 

Let’s look at a couple of examples of some identifiable oppositions that create clarification dilemmas:

  • Accuracy or interpretation … what is the source of our information?  Is it accurate and factual or is it an interpretative and colored by subjectivity?
  • Urgent or important … what is the situational demand? Urgent is the action-focused situation; important is the priority-informed  situation without the action demand.
  • Addressed or avoided … what is being done?  A situation can be addressed or avoided;  the  spectrum of feeling here is around willingness and its connection to desire.  That which is addressed is desired; that which is avoided is not.
  • Open or resistant … what is being shared?  A situation that is shared is open; a situation with little or no sharing is closed; the spectrum of feeling in this case is around identity and vulnerability. The more identified and vulnerable we are then the more closed and resistant.

I will be looking at several of these “identifiable oppositions” over the course of next couple of weeks.  My goal is to work up a catalog of clarification dilemmas that allow people to make sense of “what-they-weren’t-aware-of.”  Given the pace of business decision-making, it is difficult to know when, exactly, we have stepped into the unknown, or when, exactly, our default reactions no longer serve us.  Judgment clarification is intended to help with both of these.

When possible, I will try to link each opposition with specific images – such as the “soul stone” which was presented with “accuracy or interpretation.”  Not every opposition will generate an image.  I will also try to look at this topic through the lens of a “life lesson.”  Most of these clarification dilemmas come to us through specific life lesson.

Bon Appetite~!


3 responses to “…clarifiers…unique areas of judgment…

  1. Thank you for your link to your blogs. This sounds like something that is going to be extremelly useful in, hospice work. Your list of opposition clarifiers were familiar to me although I haven’t isolated them as specific tools in guiding families through end of life tasks. I’m going to be reading more.

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