Adaptive Transformations are about the challenges we all must face. 

I have been thinking long and hard about how best to represent my company, Creative Leap Coaching & Consulting, through a blog and have toyed with a variety of different names:  Adaptive Change, Adaptive Inquiry, Image to Word, Image Transformations.   Each of these names offers a small window into what I’m trying to cover with this blog. 

Adaptive Change looks at a concept that Ron Heifetz writes about a lot — the difference between an adaptive change and a technical one.  An adaptive change is any change that provokes some sense of loss — some alteration to one’s values, beliefs and/or lifelong habits.  A technical change maintains the status quo.  Anything that is merely a fix and which has no lasting implications that is a technical change.  The tension between the two is the essential problem of leadership:  How do you reconcile the demand to maintain the normalcy of the status quo and still move forward with agenda — an agenda that implements both technical and adaptive changes.  

Adaptive Inquiry looks at the action of inquiry.  How do we inquire into what we know and what we do not know?  Curiosity is the cornerstone of  development.  Can we challenge ourselves long enough to look?  Can we take the risk?  Curiosity takes us to new places.  We look beyond the status quo and become bigger than we might otherwise be.

And Image to Word?  Well, this title was about how the images influence us.  Values, beliefs and even lifelong habits are impressed into us as images.  We carry them around like triggers which bring up associations of euphoria, or sadness, or anger, or any number of  emotions.  So this title was about unpacking these images, making the translation from image to word.

And Image Transformations? Well, what else are we supposed to do with images?  Just examine them?!?   Image Transformation carries the Image-to-Word idea one step further.  If we are under the influence of images, then by unpacking the emotions and associations which are folded into these images, we gain greater access to the energy that we already have.

So the Adaptive Transformations folds all of this together.   I will be looking at coaching, psychology, relationships, images, dreams, imagination, as well as productivity, leadership, team building, and training.

I’m happy you’re visiting.  Please let me know if this site is informative and interesting to you, and  if you think there is anything I can do to improve it.


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  1. Gayle Razzaboni, Ph.D.

    Great start!!!

  2. Bravo! Great start!

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