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…memory or imagination…

“Childhood flows from many springs…[it would be] futile to construct its geography [or] to write its history.” — Gaston Bachelard

The oppositional pairing of “memory or  imagination” might be considered the originating clarification dilemma.  Here is the central dynamic associated with figuring out “where-we-are-at” at any moment in our lives.  Remember:  The point of judgment clarification is to try to figure out “where-we-are-at” so that we can move forward in a direction that is consistent with who we are.

And it all turns on faithfulness: how faithful is our “imagistic” imagination to what is really important to us?  If values and beliefs are critical to moving forward, then being genuine with our imagination is critical.  Memory stifles imagination by creating unchangeable references. As a result, we give up our freedom by trying to relive the past, when all we really want is what imagination provides to us in any case.    The part becomes the whole prospectively through image value and imagination.

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…image charge as image value…

 From their very origin, the imagination colors the paintings it will want to see again. – Gaston Bachelard

So I’m sure someone is asking him/herself, “So what?  We remember experiences more easily and vividly when they seem unique – why is that important?”

The reason vivid images are important is the way they come to contain us.  Like I said in my last blog:  It’s a two-for-one event. But the part that really stays with us (no pun intended) is the part that is all about us.  To make this point clearer, let’s look at the distinction between memory (as fact) and reverie (as imagination).

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