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…creative imagination as variable opinion…

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts”  – Daniel Patrick Moynihan

In legal circles, a short acronym describes the art of legal thinking.  It’s called IRAC.  It’s short for Issues, Rule, Application, Conclusion.  Lawyers use this “formula” to build a context for the characterization of a conclusion.  When used, it runs something like this:

  • The issue at hand is: Robbery.
  • The rules regarding robbery are: it’s illegal and to prove “robbery” the following criteria must be satisfied….
  • The application of the “rules” to facts would be… and
  • Therefore, my conclusion is: this particular event was a “robbery”… under the rules of law.

(Just to be clear – I’m NOT a lawyer.)  And, needless to say, most people do not think this way.

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